Patricia Esteve

Alimatou, surviving to a human sacrifice

Patricia Esteve

After studied Photography in the IEFC of Barcelona she set up on her own as a free-lance photographer and she worked with local and national press. She combined her job with the carry out of long terms projects in developing countries and photoworkshops addressed to marginalized persons. Since 2011 she has focused her work in Africa, first in Chad working for UNICEF and later in Ivory Coast for the United Nations.

When she was 14 Alimatou was forced to get married to a 72 years old man, he was a witch doctor from a little village in Côte d’Ivoire. He was looking for a young girl to sacrifice in order to satisfy his client’s desire of wealth in exchange of an amount of money.

One night he cut off her hands with a machet and blessed other parts of the body. When he thought she was dead, he abandoned her body. Despite the severe mutilations and injuries Alimatou survived. She has been helped by humanitarian organizations to recover from the shock, move to the capital city and start a new life.

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